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White Russian cocktail in the Road Hole Bar

Events at the Old Course Hotel

Cocktail Masterclasses

Come and learn how to make some exciting cocktails - Choose your masterclass:

  • PROHIBITION - Inspired by the roaring 20’s.
  • CONTEMPORARY - A selection of fan favourites.
  • CHAMPAGNE - With a bit of fizz.
  • WHISKY - The perfect blend.

Fancy a Flight?

Are you looking to be a gin, rum or whisky connoisseur?  A whisky from every active distillery in Scotland numbering over 200.

Wine Tasting

Do you want to increase your knowledge of wine, and what food pairs with what? Well here’s your chance to join us for an exclusive wine tasting event when you’ll find out about wines from a particular region. 

Scotch on the Rocks

Whisky tasting sessions are an increasingly popular way for those new to whisky to better understand the complexity of malts ... as well as for those who are whisky lovers to delve deeper into discovering more about a diverse range of malts from across Scotland. Now you can experience the ‘water of life’ in our newly refurbished Whisky Lounge.